What Stretching Does for Athletes

A man and woman doing stretches in a gym.

Stretching is important for everyone, but it has some special benefits for athletes. They usually include it in their daily workout routines whether they are preparing for a big event or just maintaining their skills.

Stretching Reduces Recovery Time

After a tough workout, muscles are often tight and sore. Stretching allows them to release the buildup of toxins and lose the soreness. In fact, they may be ready to workout again the next day, which is important for athletes who are getting ready for a competition and can’t afford to take a day off in between.

Stretching Increases Range of Motion

Some sports put more of a focus on range of motion, which is one benefit of stretching. Many sports require full movement. Most athletes have one stronger side and a weaker side that doesn’t have as much motion. Stretching can strengthen the weaker side to give them a competitive edge.

Stretching Relaxes the Body

After a competition or long workout, athletes are pumped and energized. It can be difficult to calm down and allow the muscles to relax. Stretching helps the muscles to release the contraction and become more flexible and relaxed.

Stretching Reduces Injury

When an athlete properly stretches, they are less prone to injury. It can help weaker areas to heal faster when one does occur. For instance, if you break a bone, the surrounding muscles can be strengthened through stretching to take the pressure off the bone.

Stretching isn’t optional in sports. Athletes know the value of taking time to stretch. If they know how important it is, so should everyone else. Make it a part of your workout and daily routine to enjoy the same benefits as an athlete.