The Gift of Massage

Gift Cards falling through the air

Wow, you have exceptional taste!

The gift of massage is the best gift! Whether you’re gifting someone with an active lifestyle, a loved one who puts in long hours, or anyone needing to unwind; a massage will leave them feeling rejuvenated.

Your gift can be used for any of our services and products. Who wouldn’t want to choose for themself?

We made online gift-giving even simpler with no physical cards or numbers to keep track of. Your gift will be loaded onto the recipient’s Muscle Matters account and will be ready to use anytime. Your gift does not expire and has no restrictions on use.

We will inform the recipient immediately by email of their awesome gift, unless you select to keep it a surprise (you’ll let them know yourself at the most appropriate time).

We will take great care of the recipient, and you just might become their favourite person ever!

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