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Direct Billing

Coverage Under your Benefits Plan

Some (or all) of your massage therapy treatment may be covered by your private medical insurance plan. Check with your benefits provider if you are unsure of your coverage for massage, then simply submit your receipts from Muscle Matters for a quick reimbursement. All massage therapists at Muscle Matters are registered therapists with at least 2200 hours of training, and are therefore eligible to have their treatments covered by major insurers.


Direct Billing

We are able to offer direct billing for most major insurers. By billing the insurer directly, we can eliminate your insurance claim paperwork, and reduce your out-of-pocket expense.

Participating Insurers:

  • ASEBP,
  • Blue Cross,
  • Chambers Of Commerce Group Insurance,
  • CINUP,
  • ClaimSecure,
  • Cowan,
  • Desjardins Insurance,
  • First Canadian,
  • Great-West Life,
  • GroupHEALTH,
  • GroupSource,
  • Industrial Alliance,
  • Johnson Inc.,
  • Johnston Group Inc.,
  • Manion,
  • Manulife Financial,
  • Maximum Benefit,
  • Sun Life Financial.

Please allow additional time before your treatment to fill out the required paperwork if you wish to have us direct bill your treatment. You can print and complete the following forms to save time before your treatment.

Direct Billing Form
Direct Billing for Alberta Blue Cross and ASEBP

Please be Advised

We rely on a third-party system to handle our direct billing of services. From time-to-time the system may encounter errors or other service issues beyond our control.

For this reason, you must always be prepared to pay for your treatment at the time of service completion, as we may not be able to process your treatment with your insurer due to circumstances beyond our control.

Additionally, the direct billing system may sometimes incorrectly bill for your treatment. While these issues are rare, Muscle Matters will happily correct such errors when they are brought to our attention.

You are always welcome to submit treatment receipts to your insurer directly instead of relying on the direct billing system.