Massage Therapy Treatments

Massage therapy treatment room

These types of massage therapy treatments best describe the benefits, goals, and approaches most commonly used in the clinic.

A man receiving a deep tissue massage for back pain

Deep Tissue Massage

Work out the stiffness and pain in your muscles with these invigorating techniques. In cases of muscle injury and tension, adhesions and lesions in the injured tissue, tendons and ligaments can hinder blood circulation and may result in pain, inflammation, and limited mobility. Deep tissue massage works by breaking down these adhesions to alleviate pain and restore normal movement.

A woman receiving a massage for injuries from a car accident

MVA Massage

A comprehensive treatment program designed by our massage therapists can aid your body in regaining balance following injury in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Our advanced techniques will help increase your range of motion, reduce pain, reduce swelling, reduce stress and reduce the formation of scarred tissue. We also offer unique direct billing options for MVA clients.

A woman relaxing while getting a Swedish massage

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Relieve the tension of everyday life with a soothing massage. Your massage will help to release the stress and tension from your body. Use this type of massage to help achieve a better night of sleep, more profound relaxation, and to help speed up your recovery time from mild illness.

A pregnant woman receiving a pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

Ease muscle discomfort with a focus on the specific areas of the body affected by the imbalanced weight distribution and altered posture during pregnancy. Our massage therapists use a professional body cushion to ensure a safe and comfortable massage during all stages of pregnancy, and will advise the most appropriate position for the treatment.

Massage therapist providing sports massage therapy

Sports Massage

Pre-event treatment is designed to help athletes prevent injury, increase performance, and increase endurance. Post-event massage relieves pain, prevents stiffness, and decreases recovery time. Massage can help athletes optimize their performance by removing restrictions from muscle tension.

A woman lying on a massage table, receiving a hot stone therapy treatment

Hot Stone Massage

We use smooth, heated stones to massage your body and melt muscle tension away. The hot stones allow your massage therapist to work deeper, and with the added benefit of heat, to break up the most stubbornly tight muscles.

Silicone cups used for dynamic cupping massage

Cupping Massage

This treatment uses soft silicone cups to create suction on the surface of your sore spots. This suction is ideal for getting your soft tissue to release tension, improving joint mobility, and removing wastes from your muscles.

Are you new to massage?

What to expect in your first treatment.

All massage treatments at Muscle Matters include:

Massage therapy treatment room

Customized Treatment Plan

Your treatment is always customized to your specific needs, we will use a variety of techniques to best meet your goals. We often combine therapeutic methods with relaxation to produce the most satisfying effects. Tell us what results you are hoping to achieve through your massage treatment, and we will compose the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

Hydrocollator heat packs for massage treatments

Melt the Tension Away

Our treatments are enhanced with specialized moist heat packs. We offer our clients this therapeutic booster during treatment to initiate the relaxation process by melting the tension away from your muscles.

Cold pack used for massage treatments

Reduce Inflammation

Depending on your specific needs, we may use an ice pack during your treatment to decrease inflammation or cool down an area as needed.

Bottle of orange oil and orange slices

Sweet Orange Oil Boost

We offer a complimentary upgrade to your treatment with our signature Sweet Orange Gel. This custom massage oil is packed with Vitamin C and other beneficial antioxidants to nourish your skin and provide a subtle citrus aroma.

Bottles of mint oil

Refresh with Mint

We may use mint oil for spot treatment on your body to aid in relieving muscle pain and headaches. The cooling effect of the mint oil penetrates deep into your skin and sinuses, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Body cushions on a massage table

Superior Cushioning

Your body may need alternative positioning for your treatment (for instance, during pregnancy or post-surgery). In these cases, we use professional positioning cushions to ensure your safety and comfort.

Maintain that feeling

After your massage treatment, your therapist will discuss ongoing treatment options with you. Multiple treatments may be required to restore your muscles to their ideal state.


We advise our clients to drink plenty of fluids after their massage. Keeping hydrated assists your body to recover and reduces soreness which may result from a vigorous treatment. We start the hydrating process immediately after your treatment by offering complimentary fruit-infused water or herbal tea.

Finish with a Soak

A warm Epsom salt bath following your massage helps to prevent soreness, especially after a deeper tissue treatment. We offer a complimentary package of single-use Epsom salts with each treatment to ensure you are ready to enjoy the benefits of your bath without delay. When added to a warm bath, Epsom salts can help you relax, improve your circulation, reduce muscle pain and joint stiffness.

Handouts for guided stretching


To help maintain the benefits of your massage and prevent reoccurring injury, your massage therapist will instruct you on proper stretching techniques or exercises tailored to your needs. We may recommend specific stretches from our stretching guide to help you improve your posture and correct problem areas.