How to Get Motivated to Be Fit

Sure, you know exercise is important. You’ve read the statistics, heard the information enough to know that exercise is essential to good health. However, knowing it’s valuable isn’t always enough to get you up and moving. You must get inspired by whatever motivates you.

Know What Motivates You

Figure out the reason you want to get in shape. Is it to improve your health? Fit into a cute outfit? Maybe impress that girl you like? Perhaps you have a bad history in your family of health problems and you want to avoid that issue. No matter your reason, use it to get and keep motivated.

Have Visual Reminders

Most people are at least somewhat visual. They will respond to an image of something that inspires them. Hang up that cute dress where you can see it or the photo of the girl you want to impress. Put up an article about how exercise helps prevent diabetes or heart disease. Look at these reminders when you want to sleep in or skip exercising.

Get an Accountability Partner

You’re less likely to miss a workout if someone is going with you. An accountability partner can help you stick with your exercise class or exercise routine when you feel like quitting. Plus, you’ll be doing them a favor and helping them to be accountable as well.

Get a Personal Trainer

Like an accountability partner, a personal trainer holds you responsible for showing up. However, they also make you work harder and smarter by designing a routine that will help you reach your goals.

Try one or more of these tricks to help you get motivated and stick with whatever exercise routine you have decided to follow. Don’t get discouraged or sidetracked from your goals.