How Massage Therapy Can Help After a Car Accident

A car accident can cause serious pain even if the collision was considered minor. Whiplash, fractures, broken bones and torn ligaments and muscle strains can all result from a vehicle accident. While it’s important to get medical attention right away and follow the treatment plan given by the doctor, massage therapy can also be beneficial.

What Massage Therapy Can Do

Massage is wonderful for sore muscles, such as what you’ll experience with whiplash. It breaks down the chemicals in the body that cause soreness so you can start feeling better sooner. Massage also helps by bringing blood flow to the wounded area to speed healing.

Athletes use massage to recover faster from sports injuries, and the same effect is seen with car accident injuries. The treatment helps the muscles relax and boosts the system to begin repairing itself. Because it reduces soreness, you can increase the range of motion and get your affected body part moving.

Another benefit of massage after a car accident is the way it helps you deal with stress. You have to deal with insurance providers and others involved in the accident. You may be making phone calls and providing documentation. All of this adds stress to your life along with the impact of the injury. You may be frustrated because you can’t do all the things you normally do. Massage can help you relax so you can be more focused on your other tasks.

Before starting a massage therapy routine, you need to talk to your doctor and get their approval. Once they have cleared you for massage, make it a regular part of your healing process as you recover from the car accident.