What to Eat Before You Work Out

Eating the right foods before you exercise is important. It helps you get more out of your workout and improves your overall health. Here are some tips to help you make good choices about what you eat before your exercise routine.

Fuel Your Body

If you plan on a tough workout, you’ll need to provide fuel for your body to keep going. Consume more carbs to ensure you have plenty of energy until you finish. Make sure those carbs are healthy, such as fruits and vegetables, bread, cereal and pasta. However, don’t overdo it if you will only have a moderate to light workout, or you’ll end up eating more calories than what you will be using.

Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure you drink plenty of water with your meal and all day before your workout, especially if you will sweat a lot. Dehydration will do more damage than not getting enough food to eat. Lack of water can cause muscle cramps and sore muscles after your workout.

Eat for Your Workout

If you will be running, you need to eat enough carbs to give you energy. You might also want to consider bananas and other foods with potassium to prevent your muscles from contracting and cramping. If you will be doing strength training, more protein will help you build stronger muscles.

Eat light before you work out and finish your meal at least an hour before you exercise. Don’t forget to refuel after your workout with a light snack. Eating right doesn’t only give you energy, it helps your body recover from the workout and get stronger for the next time. Make a conscious decision on your food choices before every routine.