How a Foam Roller Helps with Trigger Points

A closeup view of a knobbed foam roller

When you feel stiff and sore, you may wonder if you have tight muscles. You try stretching but still have that tightness. You could have a trigger point, which is a knot in the muscles. To get rid of these trigger points, you may want to try a foam roller.

What Causes Trigger Points?

The same factors that make for tight muscles also causes trigger points. The way you move, working out without warming up adequately or just having a tough, long workout and stress. Poor nutrition, lack of hydration and not resting can also lead to the problem. Once you have a trigger point, you want to know how to get rid of it.

Use a Foam Roller

Try to get as relaxed as possible and breathe steadily during the exercise. Roll on the muscle with the trigger point, but don’t get down to the tendons or bones. Stay on the knots for up to 20 seconds until you feel the pain lessen. You may have to build up to the 20 seconds. Stay on the spot until you feel it release but limit it to no more than a minute or two.

Realize that your pain may be in a different location from the trigger point. It can radiate outward, so be aware of the starting point. Ask a therapist before you start treating yourself. You can also have them show you how to use the foam roller at home. Don’t use it on knees or elbows. Most experts recommend you to stay away from these areas because it can cause injury.

If you’re experiencing pain that you feel may be related to a trigger point, consider how a foam roller can help you get relief.