What To Do After Getting a Massage

A smiling woman receiving a massage

You want the benefits of massage to last as long as possible after your session. What you do afterwards can help you feel better for longer and alleviate soreness. Here are some steps to take after you finish your first massage.

  • Try to stay relaxed as long as possible. Don’t start thinking about your meeting at work, a project you must finish or getting the kids to soccer practice. Enjoy that feeling you get when your muscles aren’t tense and your body is relaxed.
  • Drink extra water to help reduce the soreness of your muscles. The water will flush out any impurities, which can help reduce tension or stiffness.
  • Take your time getting off the table. You might experience a little dizziness or lightheadedness. Allow for a few minutes of quiet time as you get dressed and prepare to go back to your normal routine.

Plan to schedule more sessions. One massage session can make you feel better right away, but the greatest benefits come from multiple sessions. The more often you go, the more your body will respond.

Talk to your therapist about how you felt and what did and didn’t work. They may suggest trying different techniques or various levels of pressure. You may want to review your goals to see how things are coming or if you need to make changes.

There are so many types of massage that you will want to consider what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment but listen to the advice of your therapist. As they learn more about you and your body, they will be able to make good recommendations to ensure you get the most benefit out of each session. What you do after your session can help you achieve the results you want.