Best Workouts for Your Age

Workout gear: running shoes, kettlebell, water bottle, and towel.

Exercise is good for you regardless of your age. However, your needs and goals for working out will change over time as you get older. Here are some of the best workouts for each age range.

In Your 20s

When you’re in your 20s, your body is at or near its prime. You want to keep it that way by making healthy decisions. Cardio is important at this age because it will help you be healthier later on. Go for a run every morning or hit the treadmill at the gym a few times a week for long-term benefits.

In Your 30s

Now that you’ve gotten older, you probably have more responsibility in life. You may get stressed more easily and feel tired at the end of the day. It’s also the time you begin to lose a little muscle if you aren’t active. The best workouts for this decade include strength training and stress-reducing exercises. You might want to try yoga to relieve anxiety.

In Your 40s

Life doesn’t slow down when you hit your 40s, but your exercise habits just might. Your body begins to tell you about its limitations and reminds you that you just can’t do everything you once did – like staying up late and going to work the next morning. To feel and look younger than your age, you need to stay active. Get in more cardio for heart health, include strength training for that toned look and do a lot of stretching to stay flexible.

In Your 50s

You want to protect your health, so exercise that helps you maintain your current status is important. For instance, impact exercises help you maintain bone density while strength training prevents muscle loss. Focus on balance and flexibility with stretching and weight-bearing exercises as well.

In Your 60s and Up

You’ll want to continue making exercise a priority even if you must go slower. Walking or swimming is great as you get older. Any light activity will help you maintain your health into your golden years.