Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine

Women laughing in a movie theatre

You’ve heard the saying that laughter is the best medicine, but is it really? Does laughter have health benefits or does it just make you feel good at the time?

Stress Management

At the very least, you can say that laughter helps you manage stress and prevents some of the negative effects from prolonged stress. It helps cut down on the amount of stress hormones your body releases, which have been linked to heart disease and other medical conditions. It also increases the production of good hormones, such as endorphins. At the same time, it takes your mind off the stressful situation and can give you a new perspective.

A Workout

Studies show that laughter mimics some of the same effects as a physical workout. It can raise the blood pressure and pulse rate and it sends more oxygen to the tissues. It also helps stretch some muscles if you laugh hard and long enough. Laughter does even burn more calories than just sitting.

Other Health Benefits

Some researchers show that laughter helps improve your immune system. It can raise the level of antibodies in the system, which helps you stay well and be healthier. One small study also indicated that blood sugar levels drop with laughter when watching a comedy.

Because laughter releases feel-good hormones, it helps a person relax and have a more restful night of sleep. Some studies even indicate that it can help reduce pain because of those hormones.

Laughter may not cure all ills or even reverse serious medical conditions. However, it can improve your mental attitude and outlook, which has been proven to have a significant impact on your overall physical health. The indications are enough to encourage you to sit down and watch your favorite comedy.