How to Add More Vegetables to Your Day

A selection of green vegetables

Most people know the importance of eating vegetables for a healthy lifestyle. Mention the word “vegetable” and they will often grimace because they don’t like them or because they just can’t eat as much as they should. There are some fun, easy ways to incorporate more vegetables into your day.

Drink Your Veggies

Make a smoothie for the easiest way to get your vegetables. You can include two or three with one drink. Kale and spinach are popular choices along with carrots and pumpkin. Get creative and mix a unique variety of vegetables and fruits to find something you enjoy.

Eat Veggie Snacks

You may get tired of carrots and cucumbers dipped in ranch dressing, but there are plenty of other options. Dip your veggies in salsa or cheese. Put them on a skewer and grill them ahead of time for a quick, tasty snack. Wrap your vegetable in a slice of cheese.

Pile Them on a Sandwich

Vegetables taste good on more than just hamburgers. Make a wrap with lunchmeat and add lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and more. Go beyond the usual and include peppers, onions and raw green beans. You might be pleasantly surprised at the change in flavor.

Make a Vegetable Salad

If leafy greens aren’t your thing, you can still make a delicious salad with other vegetables. Mix peas, green beans and corn and serve with an Italian salad dressing or vinaigrette. Add cucumbers, onions, peppers and tomatoes with dressing for a colorful, fun side dish.

Get your vegetables in every day by using creative ideas and combinations for unique flavor. Each of these ideas is healthy and can be low in calories if you choose the right dressings and sides.