Can Massage Help Weightlifters?

A weightlifter spreading chalk on his hands in front of a barbell

As an amateur or pro weightlifter, you may want to consider massage therapy as part of your routine. It has several benefits that can help you reach your goals and be competitive.

Heavy lifting causes your muscles to become tense, especially after long workouts. It can lead to injury and reduced range of motion. Massage helps your muscles to relax and gain relief from the stress of the workout. You’re less likely to suffer injury from overuse when you get regular massages in between your workouts.

Because you’re building muscle fast, the tissue can build up lactic acid as well as other toxins. Massage breaks down those toxins so that your muscles are healthier and even stronger.

Building Stronger, Healthier Muscles

Even experienced weightlifters must allow muscles to have recovery time. While at least one day is necessary between workouts, many lifters don’t feel fully recovered after two days or more. Massage therapy can speed up the recovery time so that after one day of rest, you feel as good as new.

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent injury even when you’re careful to give your muscles a break. Massage therapy can help injuries heal faster, so that you can get back to working out and lifting again.

Many times, weightlifters focus on strength training and neglect other aspects of exercise, such as stretching. They may lose some flexibility during their regimen. Regular massage can allow the muscles to relax, reduce tension and increase flexibility.

If you’re a weightlifter, you should consider adding massage therapy to your fitness routine. Talk to a therapist and tell them about your goals and exercise plan. Let them help you develop your skills and keep your muscles healthy through regular massage therapy.