COVID Habits We’d Like To Keep

A family spending time indoors during COVID

Despite the negatives, COVID-19 has introduced many positive practices and habits into our daily routines. Even after the pandemic is just a memory (hopefully sooner than later), there are plenty of things we should continue to do.

Spending more time with family

Family of four laughing in the kitchen

During these unprecedented times, it’s been delightful to see families becoming closer, building stronger bonds, and enjoying the extra time they have been able to spend with each other while being at home.

There are so many great ways to spend more time with family when we are confined to our homes, and this is a custom that should remain even when COVID is behind us. Doing jigsaw puzzles, playing board games together, cooking together, gardening, and even just sitting down together for a meal and engaging in conversation are all fantastic practices to keep and also cherish.

Working on your health

Woman setting up a workout on a laptop, in her living room.

Facing boredom has fueled motivation in many of us. We have had to find ways to keep us active and occupied, which has pushed many us to start practicing better health habits and even following a consistent workout regime. What better time to start focusing more on your health than when you have been put in a position where going out to eat or going to get drinks with your friends at the local bar is not really an option.

Getting enough sleep, being more active, exercising regularly, and keeping a positive frame of mind are all incredibly important for your general health and wellbeing. Anytime is a good time to try to adopt better health habits; however, being stuck in the middle of a pandemic has served as some extra encouragement.

Keeping everything clean

A bottle of hand sanitizer with face masks in the background.

Did you know that bacteria can live and survive on your hands for 3 hours, and you are likely to be carrying millions of them around? It is always a great idea to keep your home and your hands clean; no one wants to be covered in millions of germs anyways.

Experiencing this pandemic has everyone sanitizing surfaces and skin profusely, and that is one habit that will hopefully stick. Keeping bacteria off of you and the surfaces in your home is a win-win situation. When we resume normal activities like going out with friends, shopping, using public restrooms, or eating at restaurants, please remember to always take the time to go to the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly. After using the toilet, the number of bacteria on your hands double. When you don’t wash your hands after using the restroom, all of those nasty microbes can be transferred to the food and drink that you eat.

Walking it off

A group of three women walking outside.

Closed businesses and lockdowns have made a lot of people feel a bit stir crazy, and as a result, have pushed many people to get out of their homes to take walks. Once the pandemic begins to wind down, there’s no reason to stop this incredibly healthy habit. Going for a 30-minute walk each day offers various physical and mental benefits, and another major plus is that you don’t even need to invest in any pricey workout equipment. Just get yourself a nice, comfortable pair of walking shoes and you are all set!

Keeping your distance

Social distancing has been drilled into our brains lately, and honestly, that is not such a bad thing. Once the pandemic is behind us, keeping your distance is a good precaution to maintain around people who are sneezing, sniffling, or coughing. It will be essential to do so during the flu and cold seasons during winter and fall. No one wants to be sick or bring it home to their family.

Being mindful of what you touch

Gas pumps, toilet handles, doorknobs, railing, grocery cart and basket handles, debit card keypads, and all other surfaces that are touched frequently are something you should be taking measures to limit your contact with, and not just because of COVID. Bacteria is everywhere, and it goes without saying that it is much more prevalent on surfaces that tons of different people happen to be touching daily.

Avoid touching railing of any kind, wipe down your grocery cart handle before using it, and use a paper towel or a nitrile glove to avoid contact with gas pumps. Keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a pair of gloves on you at all times may not be such a bad idea after all.

Spending more time outdoors

Marshmallows toasting over a campfire.

This pandemic has encouraged people to get out of their homes and spend more time outside because they have felt so incredibly confined to them lately. Getting fresh air and enjoying the great outdoors is a great way to spend time with the people you love while you reap the rewards of how it positively impacts your mental and physical health.

Even after COVID is behind us, we should keep and embrace this great habit. Going out on hikes or even walks with your family has become a popular hobby during these uncertain times. Another fun option would be to start a fire pit in your backyard, roast up some hot dogs and marshmallows, and get your kids out there to socialize.