The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

A group of friends laughing together outside

Exercise is good for the body as you already know. It helps you stay fit, strong and active. However, the benefits to your mental well-being could far outweigh the physical advantages.

Deal with Stress

Exercise can’t remove stress completely from your life, but it can help you deal with it. Prolonged stress isn’t healthy and can damage your system. Exercise is an outlet that lets you process the effects of stress so that you are better equipped to continue dealing with it.

Make You Happy

Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good. Serotonin, known for making you feel happy, is one of those chemicals released when you work out. So, you can enjoy being happy after working up a sweat.

Improve Mental Ability

Working out doesn’t just improve your emotional status, it can help your mental alertness. It boosts the chemicals in your brain responsible for learning new things and remembering old things. You’ll find it’s easier to learn new projects at work and keep up with your younger co-workers when you exercise regularly.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Not only does working out make you feel happier, it can reduce anxiety and depression with the release of certain chemicals. It will help you be better able to deal with those emotions instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Enhance Self-Confidence

After finishing a workout, you may feel like you’re slightly more toned. Or perhaps you’re just impressed with what your body can do when you push it. Exercise can boost self-confidence and not just by helping you get in shape. The ability of your body to work hard gives you a self-esteem boost that goes beyond how you look.

If you like the idea of being happier, more confident and smarter, start working out and make it a priority in your life.