Massage and Back Pain

A man receiving a massage on his back

Back pain can be difficult to bear and to treat. It has so many causes, and many times a diagnosis is nearly impossible. Treating back pain can also be a lengthy process, especially if the pain has been chronic. Massage therapy can help the person find relief.


Many people overuse their back by lifting incorrectly or repetitively. They think nothing about it until it becomes a problem. Since the back is used in nearly any activity, it’s impossible to let it rest and heal. The muscles become stressed and may even lead to further injury.

Massage can help back pain in several ways. First, it allows your entire body to relax, which can relieve the stress placed on the back. It also helps your immune system and other systems in the body to be able to function normally.

Massage Treatment

Therapists often work on the main back muscles, which can reduce the pain. These muscles are the gluteus medius and quadratus lumborum. When either one of them are injured, the pain can be almost unbearable.

The QL engages when you bend over and lift something or lean over and work. It can also be impacted by sitting incorrectly. A tight QL may show signs with sharp pain in the low back. As it is massaged, it gets stretched, which will help the pain to subside.

The gluteus medius may become irritated as it tries to compensate for the QL. Massage will increase blood flow to the area and stretch it so that the person has less pain even after a single session.

If you’re suffering from back pain that you can’t get to go away, consider massage therapy. A therapist can help you feel better after one or a few sessions, so you can go back to your normal routine.