The Benefits of Massage for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman lying on her side, and receiving a massage.

You get the news that you’re going to have a baby, and you’re ecstatic. You start imagining a little one snug in your arms or crawling around the house. However, the reality of pregnancy sets in as your feet start to swell, your back aches and you find you just don’t have the energy you once did. Massage therapy can be a great option to alleviate many of the unpleasant aspects of being pregnant.

Is Massage Therapy Safe for Pregnant Women?

Massage is wonderful for anyone who suffers from pain and discomfort, including pregnant women. It’s a safe practice, but you should let your therapist know about your pregnancy if it’s not yet obvious. Your condition could impact the type of massage they recommend. Don’t forget to include any side effects of pregnancy you’re experiencing.

You should talk to your obstetrician, and make sure they approve of massage or any other treatment you decide on during your pregnancy. Most clinics will offer massage for women at any point in their pregnancy.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Known as prenatal massage, there are numerous benefits associated with this treatment. It can help with emotional symptoms, which are often present because of hormone changes. For instance, it may alleviate depression, anxiety and that overwhelmed feeling which comes from stress.

Massage also eases the back aches, leg aches and joint pain that is part of being pregnant for many women. It can even help improve labor and reduce delivery times.

Swedish massage is the most common choice for women during pregnancy because it is gentle. However, a therapist may have other recommendations based on a person’s unique situation and how familiar they are with massage therapy.

One thing is certain – a happy mother makes for a happy baby.