Supporting Local During the Pandemic

It is no secret that most businesses are struggling under the current COVID-19 conditions, but the smaller local businesses are especially vulnerable to not making ends meet. Some are adapting with a stronger online offering, take-out only, or curbside pickup, while others just have to wait out the storm.

I’m sure that if you have the means, you are mindfully supporting your favourite local businesses by buying from them. It is critical, so please continue! But how can you support local businesses if you are financially tight, or your favourite business had to pause operation? You can probably find a little bit of extra time these days to write an online review, and follow them on social media.

Online reviews and star ratings are so important to the success of a business. Prospective new clients like to see what they can expect before they commit, and the online reputation speaks volumes.

Find the relevant review platforms for the business you want to support, e.g.: Google, Facebook, etc. Some industries have additional platforms, and maybe the business has a review section on their website. Your review can be as short or long as you want, some people love writing all the details, but a few kind words will do. Leaving a five-star rating without comments is also sufficient, so don’t stress.

Although it does not make logical sense, the reality is that any less than a five-star review is considered a bad review. When I follow up on four-star reviews I’m often told: “I never leave five stars, there’s always room for improvement.” While this is a fair statement, four stars is often seen as describing a business flaw or client dissatisfaction. If you can post a five-star review then please do! If you have a specific concern that’s holding you back, contact the business directly. I am sure they will do what they can to correct the situation.

Following and interacting with businesses on social media also helps them shine. Whatever you are using, (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) give them a follow, a like, a share, or throw in a comment to show support.

When the COVID situation starts to wind down and businesses begin to safely reopen their door, be the first in line! It will no doubt take time to rebuild and recover as people slowly start feeling safe out of their homes and spending more money. Businesses need you as soon as they reopen, and I’m sure your support will not go unnoticed.

Please take a few moments to leave us a positive review on Google and Facebook. Your support means the world to us!

— Joanna, Muscle Matters