The Best Time to Work Out

Two dumbells and an alarm clock

You might have found yourself wondering about the best time to work out. You’re certainly not alone in this endless debate. While some people get up at dawn to fasten their sneakers and jog or hit the gym, others are merely night owls and can’t fathom the thought of morning sweat sessions. And of course, there are many other considerations like work, family, and social activities. Some experts suggest it’s better to work out in the morning while others argue out that squeezing the work out later is better. Let’s first look at the advantages of both morning and evening workouts

Morning Exercise

Morning workouts enable one to keep up with a consistent routine. With loads of chores lined up for the day, a workout during later hours of the day may conflict and derail your schedule. Experts argue that exercising in the morning helps burn more fat and recharges your energy for the rest of the day. Also, exercising on an empty stomach will make the body use up the fat reserves instead of energy from your recent meal. Morning exercises are preferable when you want a good night sleep. Your body is also usually well prepared and fresh for a workout in the morning since sleep helps the body to recover and rest.

Evening Exercises

In the evening, muscles are more flexible which results in improved performance. During this time, the heart rate and pressure are at their lowest and reaction time is quick. This makes intense workouts such as weight training more ideal during this time. You can also work out for longer since you are less prone to injury. Exercises in the evening also help eliminate stress and clear the mind off the day’s frustrations. If you’re the social type or prefer working out with a friend or partner, it’s easier to get one in the evening than at

Bottom Line

Ideally, there is no perfect time to exercise. It mostly depends on personal preferences, type of workout, schedule, exercise goals, and availability of a partner or trainer. The most crucial thing is to ensure you have a consistent exercise schedule to achieve your fitness goals. Scheduling your workout for the time that works best for you will result in better performance.