Do You Have A Stiff Neck? Try These Four Exercises

A man rubbing the back of his neck

Today, most people spend a significant amount of time staring down at their smartphones and computers. As a result, neck pain and stiff neck have become quite common among people. According to doctors, a stiff neck is caused by the weakening of muscles over time due to poor postures. A stiff neck can cause pain and interfere with your daily activities, so you should find ways to get rid of it quickly.

Whether it’s as a result of poor posture, awkward sleeping position, improper workout, or stress, you can get rid of a stiff neck by doing a few neck exercises.


Twisting your head up, down and sideways, sitting up straight, and rolling your shoulders can help you avoid or relieve neck pain and stiffness. Therefore, when driving or working on your computer, make sure you take frequent breaks to stretch. Stretch slowly and gently as sudden movements can bring about pain, inflammation, and even a severe injury. It’s also advisable to take a warm shower or apply a heating pad before stretching.

Lateral raise

Research has revealed that people who perform regular lateral raises are less likely to experience shoulder and neck pain. To do a lateral raise, stand straight up with your feet apart and a pair of light dumbbells in your hands. Lift your arms to your sides till they are parallel with the shoulders while keeping your back flat. Lower your arms slowly, and repeat the exercise a few times.

Back Roll

A stiff neck is in most times accompanied by tightness in the upper and middle back. Rolling using a foam roller can help you promote mobility in your thoracic spine hence relieve the stiffness. With your knees bent, lay your back on a foam roller and roll back and forth a few times.

Chin Tuck

Chin tuck improves the position of the head by aligning the head with the rest of the body, thereby decreasing tension in the neck muscles.

Sit in a chair and support your back on the back of the chair, ensuring your shoulders, back of your head, and upper back are against the chair or wall.

Move your chin slowly back and down such that your ears are aligned with your shoulders. You should feel a stretch.

Hold for a few seconds.