What are the Health Benefits of Massage Therapy?

A massage therapist performing a massage on her client

Cope with stress

Massage therapy can help to release endorphins in your body, helping you to feel revitalized and at ease. Several studies have found that patients have an increase in serotonin and oxytocin and a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol after a therapeutic massage.

Increase range of motion and ease tension

A professional massage is a great way to deal with physical trauma such as injury, illness, impact (like a car crash), or operation. Massage therapy will not only loosen and relax your muscles but help them to begin repairing too, thus helping your body to return to its full range of movement. A professional therapist will be able to accurately target the source of your pain and help plan the perfect massage program.

Improve blood flow and boost immunity

Loosening muscles from connective tissue results in increased blood flow throughout the body. Improving your circulation can have many positive effects on the rest of your body, including increasing white blood cell count, reducing fatigue and managing pain.

Release tension and relax nerves

Massage therapy is known to release muscular tension, helping you to relax which in turn, promotes better quality sleep. A good massage will encourage relaxation and boost your mood helping you feel more rested and less worn-out at the end of the day. Going to bed with relaxed and loosened muscles promotes more restful sleep, and you’ll feel less tired in the morning.