5 Ways to Sneak Exercise into your Life

A woman running while pushing a stroller

Exercise does not have to involve running on a treadmill for 3 hours. You don’t have to keep justifying skipping the workout while there are numerous ways you can get active, without even realizing you are exercising. If waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the gym isn’t your thing, here are some excellent ways and changes you can incorporate to your daily life to stay active.

Hit the Road

Walking is a simple, fun exercise that can be easy to integrate into your everyday life. It works your cardiovascular system, boosts your muscles, and strengthens your bones. You can walk in the park, museum, or new places to make it more interesting. Bringing a friend or your dog along can also be a bonus.

Taking the Stairs

If you live or work on the 4th floor, you don’t always have to take the elevator. Climbing the stairs is an excellent way to engage your muscles as you lift your weight up the stairs and improve bone density. It’s also ideal in toning your thighs, belly, and glutes, helping you to stay in shape.

Doing the Chores

Get your hands dirty by washing your car instead of taking it to the car wash. You can also do your laundry instead of tossing your clothes in the washing machine or weed your vegetable garden. Focus on the chores that are quite engaging and have the highest calories burn. You can put on some music or a great podcast to make the tasks more interesting.

Fastening your Sneakers

Hiking is a fantastic exercise that works almost every part of your body and mind. Hitting the nature trails, especially with friends, is not only fun but can help you lose those extra calories and strengthen your lower body. The calming feeling of nature will make you feel more relaxed and help release any tension you’re carrying.

Hitting the Dance Floor

Dancing is a whole body exercise that is not only fun but also makes your heart pump faster and tone your muscles. The constant movement of your body through dancing can burn between 130- 250 calories. You can hit the dance floor, join dance groups, or just put your favourite song in your room.