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Natasha completed the massage therapy program at MH Vicars School of Massage in 2011. She is very skilled in many areas of massage therapy including deep tissue, dynamic cupping, hot stone, and has extensive training in sports massage (just to name a few). Natasha will craft the ideal treatment to meet her client’s needs.

Natasha has been a very valuable part of the Muscle Matters team since 2012. She is loved at the clinic for her practical approach to life. She has a get-it-done kind of attitude and runs over obstacles that might stop other people in their tracks.

When Natasha is not saving the world one muscle at a time, she is learning other ways to help people in the Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine program. When she has free moments between work and studying Natasha likes to spend time with her family, and maybe sneak in a trip to the lake.