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New to Massage?

When you arrive

Come 15 minutes early to complete forms, or complete the forms at home and bring them in. Show up well hydrated, and however you are dressed for your day is fine.

Therapist Consultation

Your therapist will take you to your room and begin the consultation. Tell your therapist if there are any acute issues you would like addressed during your appointment, and what you would like to gain from your treatment. The therapist will leave the treatment room to give you a chance to prepare for your treatment. Because you will be draped for your treatment, most clients choose to undress to their underwear. Lie down on the table under the sheets and your therapist will return within a few minutes to begin the treatment.

During your treatment

Communication is key during your treatment! If you are at all uncomfortable, let your therapist know right away.

Finishing up

At the end of your treatment your therapist will discuss further treatment options and follow-up care with you. You can get dressed and return to the front desk to settle up your account, make additional appointment bookings, etc.