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Massage Therapy


Feeling your best

A customized treatment plan based on your needs and goals will be created for you during your consultation at the beginning of each visit. Please be sure to share any information which you think will be helpful, and raise any questions or concerns with your therapist.

These four types of massage best describe the benefits, goals, and approaches most commonly used in the clinic.

Therapeutic Massage

Work out the stiffness and pain in your muscles with these invigorating techniques. Focusing on a specific muscle group, we can work as deeply as required to properly address the cause of pain or discomfort and promote healing.

This therapy is often suitable for those suffering from pain caused by accidents (such as whiplash), or many other types of injury or chronic issues such as stiffness or reduced mobility.

Relaxation Massage

Relieve the tension of everyday life with a soothing massage. Your massage will help to release the stress and tension from your body.

Use this type of massage to help achieve a better night of sleep, deeper relaxation, and to help speed your recovery times from mild illness.

Pregnancy Massage

Relieve muscle discomfort during pregnancy with a focus on the specific areas of the body affected by pregnancy. A body cushion is used for a safe and comfortable massage until the later stages of pregnancy; at that time, your massage will be performed while you lie on your side.

Sports Massage

Pre-event treatment is designed to help athletes prevent injury, increase performance, and increase endurance. Post-event massage relieves pain, prevents stiffness, and decreases recovery time. Massage can help athletes optimize their performance by removing restrictions from muscle tension.