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Followup Care


Maintain that feeling

At the conclusion of your treatment, your therapist will discuss ongoing treatment options with you. Multiple treatments may be required to properly restore your muscles to their ideal state.


We advise our clients to drink plenty of fluids after their massage. Keeping hydrated assists your body to recover and reduces soreness which may result from a vigorous treatment. We start the hydrating process immediately after your treatment by offering complimentary fruit-infused water.


To help maintain the benefits of your massage and prevent reoccurring injury, your massage therapist will instruct you on proper stretching techniques or exercises tailored to your needs. We may recommend specific stretches from our stretching guide to help you improve your posture and correct problem areas.


We recommend a warm Epsom salt bath following your massage to prevent soreness, and we offer a complimentary package of Epsom Salts with each treatment. When added to your bath, Epsom Salts can help you relax, improve your circulation, and reduce muscle pain.