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Advanced Therapies

Expand the therapeutic benefits of your massage with an Advanced Massage Therapy treatment. Using cupping techniques or hot stones will intensify your massage by providing muscle release and longer lasting results.


Cupping Massage

This treatment uses soft silicone cups to create suction on the surface of your body. The suction is ideal for myofascial release (getting your soft tissues to release tension), improving joint mobility, and removing wastes from your tissues. This therapy is particularly well suited for athletes, or those who are seeking deeper tissue release.

Cup Marks
It’s not a bruiseā€¦

Cup marks can remain on your body after treatment for several hours to several weeks, depending on the stagnation of fluids in your body, the intensity of your treatment, stationary placement of cups, and previous exposure to treatment. If you enjoy the benefits of cupping treatments but do not want strong marks, a gliding technique can be used without stationary placement.

Pre Cupping

Come well hydrated to facilitate the movement of waste with treatment. Avoid shaving, or extreme exfoliation at least four hours prior to the area treated with cups.

Post Cupping

Be gentle with your body after a cupping treatment to facilitate recuperation. Avoid aggressive exercise, skin aggravation (exfoliation, etc.), and drastic temperature changes (especially the cold). Drink plenty of water for at least 24 hours after treatment to encourage remaining waste to be flushed out of your system.

A warm epsom salt bath at the end of the day can help to further release waste from your system.

Some conditions may not be suitable for cupping therapy, please talk to your RMT to ensure your safety with the use of this treatment.

As with all massage treatments, it is essential that you communicate with the RMT during your cupping massage to provide feedback regarding pressure level, pain, or any discomfort that you feel. This feedback guides the RMT into providing a safe and comfortable treatment customized to your needs.


Hot Stone

We use smooth heated stones to massage your body and melt muscle tension away. The hot stones allow your RMT to work deeper, and with the added benefit of heat, to release the most stubbornly tight muscles.

Enhance your next massage with a Hot Stone treatment to experience the benefits.