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Why and How Athletes Recover from Injury Faster

Why and How Athletes Recover from Injury Faster
26 Nov 18

Why and How Athletes Recover from Injury Faster

You hear the stories all the time. An athlete suffers a major injury only to be back in the game within a few weeks or months. If the average person suffered the same type of injury, they might be out for a year or longer. In many cases, they never recover fully to the point of being back to their old level of strength or flexibility.

Why Athletes Recover Faster

A common myth is that athletes are built differently than everyone else. In reality, this isn’t true, but it can often seem that way with their ability to recover so quickly.

In many cases, athletes are in their prime. They are young and healthy. They exercise regularly and have access to the best equipment, often spending hours in the gym as part of their career. The average person doesn’t have that luxury with their hectic schedules.

Another difference between athletes and everyone else is their dedication to their sport and motivation to get back to playing. They are willing to work hard and handle pain if it’s necessary to their recovery.

Athletes have access to the top doctors and therapists and the ability to focus on rehab for several hours per day. They are willing to take on the challenge and see it as just another obstacle in their career.

Playing through Injury

While it is often admirable how fast athletes can recover and how dedicated they are, many choose to play through their injuries. They may be back on the field or court even when they’re in pain and not 100 percent.

This dedication isn’t advisable for the majority of people. Even athletes are taking a big risk of worsening their injury or ending their career. However, the pressure may cause them to give in when they should be resting.

While you can learn something from how fast athletes recover from injury, you can also learn what not to do. Don’t ignore your own pain or take risks with activities your body isn’t ready for in the name of a sport. However, you should be dedicated to rehab and make it a priority to speed up your recovery.


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