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The Most Essential Foam Rolling Moves

The Most Essential Foam Rolling Moves
12 Nov 18

The Most Essential Foam Rolling Moves

Foam rolling, or myofascial release, involves using a cylindrical piece of foam to roll out muscle tension and knots in major muscle groups in the body. Many people are intrigued by this method of self-massage, but may not know where exactly to start or how to foam roll.

Foam rolling is quite simple, really, and you can get started with a few essential moves here:

  1. Upper back
    Laying on the floor, place your foam roller behind your shoulders and raise your hips. Use your feet to move your shoulders forwards and backwards across the foam roller. Place your hands behind your head to reach different trigger points. Be sure to avoid rolling your lower back, though.
  2. Quadriceps
    Lay face down on the floor and place you foam roller beneath your quads (the front of your thighs). To roll out one at a time, move to your side and roll from the top of your quad to just above your knee. You can do the same over the side, middle, and medial quad muscles, as well.
  3. Glutes
    Place the foam roller on the floor lengthwise, and sit on it. You can either roll out both glute muscles at the same time, or put your weight on one at a time. Use your feet to push yourself forwards and backwards, running the foam roller over your glute muscles. Hold the foam roller in place for a few seconds if you come across any particularly tight areas.
  4. Calves
    Sit on the ground with your legs extended in front of you. Place the foam roller underneath one of your calf muscles. You can either roll both calf muscles at the same time, or roll one at a time. Use your other leg and hands to move your body over the foam roller, keeping the roller’s movement restricted to the calf area.

Foam rollers allow you to reach muscles that cannot easily be stretched, and they can also hit major muscle groups like the quads. These essential foam rolling moves are a great start to begin feeling the positive effects of a foam roller soon.

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