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Using Massage to Improve Your Flexibility

Using Massage to Improve Your Flexibility
5 Nov 18

Using Massage to Improve Your Flexibility

Look at kids as they play, and you’ll notice how flexible they are. They can move in unique ways and stretch their bodies to the limit. That flexibility decreases with age unless you continue to work your muscles in the right way. Massage therapy can help increase and maintain your flexibility.

What Causes Loss of Flexibility

Age plays a big role in the loss of flexibility, but another culprit is being sedentary. Kids are always at play, so their muscles stay loose and flexible. When you sit at a desk for eight hours a day, your muscles get very little movement.

Stress is another cause of inflexibility. Muscles tense up when you’re under constant stress, which makes them more limited in their movement.

If you aren’t flexible, you’re at a greater risk for injury. If you unexpectedly move past your normal range of motion, your muscles are more likely to tear or be stretched. This can happen with a fall or if your body moves unnaturally.

How Massage Helps

Massage is commonly known to help people relax. For this reason, it’s great to improve flexibility. The muscles relax, making them more fluid. They will have increased range of motion.

Another benefit of massage is increased circulation, which improves blood flow. The blood provides oxygen-rich nutrients to keep your muscles healthy. As a therapist works on a person, they elongate the muscles through constant pressure and long strokes.

When muscles are relaxed, they are less likely to get strained during a workout or other activity. They will help you have better posture and range of motion.

You need to schedule regular massage appointments to receive the maximum benefit. An occasional massage will feel good, but it won’t improve flexibility over the long term. If you work out on a regular basis, you may want to schedule your massage after a workout will help prevent soreness and stiffness. You will notice the recovery time from an intense exercise session is much shorter. You’re less prone to injury when your muscles are limber and more flexible. Flexibility also helps you in daily life so you can accomplish any physical tasks with less pain and no restricted movement.

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