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What Sports Massage Can Do for an Injury

What Sports Massage Can Do for an Injury
22 Oct 18

What Sports Massage Can Do for an Injury

When a person is injured, the focus is often on rehabilitation after the initial inflammation has been taken care of. Physical therapy is often recommended to help the person regain range of motion and strength. However, sports massage can play an essential role in the recovery process and provide valuable benefits.

Increased Blood Flow

When the therapist massages the injured area, it allows the muscles to become warmer and more flexible. The blood flow increases, improving circulation. It can also help reduce swelling by moving the inflammation out of the area.

Massage can break up scar tissue, which can not only help with healing but improve the prognosis. Patients with excessive scar tissue may have limited range of motion, but with massage they can often see an increase in movement.


You don’t want to minimize the benefits of relaxation, which is a result of massage. When you relax, your system can begin to heal. At the same time, it can be energizing, which will encourage you to do more and enhance recovery.

Massage can reduce the level of soreness you experience, which can help eliminate anxiety and promote healing. When a person is in pain, they automatically become tense, which can limit recovery.

Another benefit of sports massage is preventing injuries. Because muscles are relaxed, they are at a lower risk for injury. Massage also improves flexibility, which lessens the chances of getting hurt. When your muscles feel good, they are better able to do their jobs. An injury to one area can place added stress on another area. For instance, when one leg is injured, you put more weight on the other leg. Massage can help the healthy limb work harder without injury.

The mental benefits of massage shouldn’t be overlooked as well. A mind that feels good and is in a positive state will help the body recover faster. With physical and mental benefits, sports massage is a treatment that should often be included in recovery plans to help athletes return to their game sooner.


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