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What are the Most Common Risks for injury in Swimming?

What are the Most Common Risks for injury in Swimming?
17 Sep 18

What are the Most Common Risks for injury in Swimming?

Swimming is one of the safest ways to work out. It is a low-impact exercise which comes with numerous health benefits, including weight loss and a cardio workout. However, it doesn’t come without a few risks to your body, especially if you get involved in competitive swimming. Certain injuries are more common in swimming, and you need to be aware of them.

Shoulder Injuries

Injury to the shoulder can come from overuse or poor swimming techniques. The rotator cuff may be impinged from pressure put on it by the shoulder blade or scapula. If you strengthen the muscles around the shoulder blade, you can reduce the risk of injury.

Hip and Knee Injury

People who use the breaststroke are at an increased risk for hip inflammation or damaged ligaments and tendons in the knee. The dolphin kick can cause disc problems in the lower back.

Neck Injury

The neck is susceptible to injury in swimming if it’s not kept in proper alignment. Injury to the neck is often caused by improper technique. For instance, a swimmer may turn their head too far when they inhale. They may look up which puts pressure on the back of the neck. It’s best to maintain a straight line from the neck through the back to prevent injury.

To prevent swimming injuries, you should warm up before swimming and stretch the muscles. You should also cool down afterwards. Focus on strengthening the muscles in those areas at the highest risk for injury. It’s also important to not overdo it. Build up your endurance with swimming.

It’s essential to treat any injuries quickly and to take time off from swimming until you’ve recovered. Going back to swimming too soon can aggravate the injury and even worsen it. Follow the doctor’s orders and any treatment plan you’re given to ensure you’re back in the pool as soon as possible. Most importantly, never take for granted that even though swimming is a safe sport, injuries can and do happen.


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