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How to Take Out More Time for Yourself

How to Take Out More Time for Yourself
10 Sep 18

How to Take Out More Time for Yourself

If you’re like a lot of people, you have family, friends and co-workers making demands of you all the time. It can be difficult and even feel selfish to take out time for yourself. However, it’s essential if you want to be healthy and able to take care of others. Here are a few ways you can do this even with a crazy schedule.

Find Some Down Time

While it may seem like you’re busy every minute of every day, in reality, there are probably a few minutes when you can relax. It may be first thing in the morning or after the kids go to bed. You may even have to find this time during your lunch break or drop some activities or delegate tasks to find the moments you need. But it’s worth the effort.

Make an Appointment with Yourself

Create an appointment on a regular basis that you can use to do something nice for yourself. If it’s on your calendar, others will be more respectful. You may even have to schedule a special activity that is just for you, such as a massage or manicure just to get in the time without interruption.

Avoid the Guilt

You’ll find people who will try to make you feel guilty when you want to get away. Don’t let them win. Realize that when you take out time for yourself, you’re helping others, too. If you can’t re-energize, you’ll soon have nothing left to give.

Make It Fun

When you take some time for yourself, it should be something you look forward to. Don’t let it become just another obligation. Instead, use this special time to do an activity you usually don’t get to enjoy. It may be reading a book, going for a walk or even visiting with friends. Just make sure it helps you feel better and more energized when you’re done.

Taking time out for yourself isn’t being selfish. It’s helping you be ready to take care of others and all those obligations and responsibilities you have.

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