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Schedule a Massage for Your Migraine Headache

Schedule a Massage for Your Migraine Headache
3 Sep 18

Schedule a Massage for Your Migraine Headache

Migraine headaches can be unbearable. The pressure is so intense and the pain so severe that they keep you on the sidelines. You may be unable to function when they are at their worst. For many, they try all kinds of solutions to find relief, only to have another one come on. What you might be surprised to know is that massage therapy can be an effective way to stop a migraine and to prevent them in the future.

Preventing Headaches

Regular massage can help prevent headaches, especially tension headaches. It encourages relaxation which enables you to deal with stress more positively. It also allows your muscles to relax and loosen up. Tight muscles in the neck and shoulder area can lead to headaches. Poor posture can also be a culprit, and massage helps your body get realigned by relaxing the muscles so they are in proper position.

For massage to work in prevention, you must schedule an appointment on a regular basis. You may need to start out with one every week or every two weeks before reducing it to once a month. Regular massage helps keep your body relaxed, which can prevent many health problems, including headaches.

Curing Headaches

You can schedule a massage appointment when you have a headache to find relief. The massage will be focused on the head, neck and shoulder areas. It will allow those areas to relax, which can decrease the pain felt by a migraine or other type of headache.

Massage releases serotonin and other feel-good chemicals in the brain, which can help reduce pain. It also helps a person to sleep better so they can feel good during the day. Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep is one cause for headaches.

The next time you feel a headache coming on, consider a massage to treat the condition. You might be surprised to find it works better than many other remedies so you can get back to your regular routine much faster and with less pain. With a regular schedule for massages, you may not have as many headaches to suffer with.

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