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Massage Therapy for Stress Relief – What You Should Know

Massage Therapy for Stress Relief – What You Should Know
6 Aug 18

Massage Therapy for Stress Relief – What You Should Know

Stress is a part of life. Not all stress is bad. It can make you act when it’s necessary and give you the adrenaline to get through a big moment. However, long-term stress can wreak havoc on your body. You must be able to get away from stress, or it will lead to other conditions.

What Stress Can Lead To

Constant exposure to stress can lead to chronic headaches, fatigue, chest pain, upset stomach and muscle pain. The effects aren’t just physical either. You may experience anxiety, anger, depression and lack of motivation or the ability to focus. You may withdraw from social interactions and even turn to drugs or alcohol or food for comfort.

How Massage Helps

Sometimes it’s not easy to get away from the stress or to remove the stressor from your life. However, you must have a way to allow your body and mind to relax and get a break. Massage can provide that relief. The pressure of touch with long strokes can allow your muscles to loosen up and relax. Studies show that massage also releases endorphins along with serotonin and dopamine to help you feel better.

A session can slow down your heart rate and reduce insulin levels, which help you feel better. The effects of massage are best noticed if you maintain a regular schedule, especially during times of high stress.

Even though many people look at massage as a luxury they can’t afford either in time or money; it’s an important way to help you cope with the daily stresses of life. A regular massage can help prevent the conditions which occur from being continually exposed to stress.

Whether you work in a high-stress job, take care of kids, or go to school, you’re likely exposed to stress on a daily basis. Add in a tragedy such as a divorce or death, financial or physical struggles and your stress level may be unbelievable. While massage therapy won’t fix all your problems, it can help you be better able to deal with them by keeping your body in optimal shape.

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