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Top Tips to Prevent Injury in Basketball

Top Tips to Prevent Injury in Basketball
9 Jul 18

Top Tips to Prevent Injury in Basketball

Players move a lot in basketball, especially changing direction. This fast motion can lead to serious injuries, which can sideline you from the game. Here are a few tips to help you avoid injury as you play your beloved sport.

Common Injuries in Basketball

Before learning how to prevent injury in basketball, you should know what kind of injuries are most common in this sport. Injuries which involve switching direction or moving too fast are what you can expect. For instance, knee injuries and ankle sprains from turning your body strangely are likely to occur. Jumping to make a shot can lead to injury to your knee because of the high impact.

You may experience jammed fingers and fractures in your feet as you switch motion quickly. Many of these injuries are minor, but they can become chronic if you re-injure the same area.

Preventing Injuries

You can reduce your risk for injury while playing basketball by following these tips.

  • Make sure you stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause muscles to tense up, leading to injury.
  • Do exercises to strengthen the muscles around your ankles and knees.
  • Strengthen the hips so they take more of the impact of a quick change in direction.
  • Work on your balance to prevent ankle sprains.
  • Wear the right footwear to provide adequate support.
  • Wear braces or athletic tape if you have a weak spot.

Studies show that more injuries happen in the second half of the game. What this indicates is that fatigue plays an important role in injuries. To prevent this issue, work on building your endurance. Run more miles and work out in the gym longer to help build stamina.

It’s important to understand that working out harder or lifting more weight is not the same as working out longer. Each method has its benefits and will help you improve your game, but it will do so in different ways. On some days, you may need to reduce your weight and do more repetitions. Endurance and strength are two primary components in playing basketball without injury.


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