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How Massage Can Help with Healing Injuries

How Massage Can Help with Healing Injuries
5 Mar 18

How Massage Can Help with Healing Injuries

When a person has an injury, their goal is to recover as fast as possible. No one likes to be sidelined for a fall or other incident. Massage therapy is becoming more popular in treating acute injuries as part of a total treatment program. Depending on the cause of the condition and the damage that has been done, massage may have a positive impact on the recovery process.

How Massage Can Aid in Recovery

When an area is massaged, it increases the blood flow. This removes waste and helps break up inflammation so the person can begin healing. It also helps reduce soreness and stiffness so the person can be more mobile, which can also lead to a faster recovery.

Blood is the lifeline of the body, and as it moves through the injured area, it provides oxygen and other nutrients to build cells and feed the systems. It also helps with increased flexibility for improved elasticity in the muscles and tissues so that you can exercise the area more.

Preventing Injuries

One reason to get regular massages even when you aren’t injured is to prevent them in the first place. Regular massage therapy can help increase your range of motion and flexibility, which means less likelihood for certain types of injuries such as pulled muscles.

Massage also helps the system recover from overuse by breaking up the lactic acid found in the muscle. This build-up of lactic acid is normal when you do strenuous exercise, but massage can help reduce soreness by breaking it down. It also decreases the risk of injury if you do more activity before your muscles are ready for it.

You can also use massage to prevent injuries in weak areas or places where you’ve suffered injury in the past. The therapist will focus on these areas to keep them pliable and flexible. It’s important to tell your therapist about any injuries, current or in the past, so they can create a plan to help you maximize the benefits of massage.


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