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Here’s Why You Should Stretch Every Day

Here’s Why You Should Stretch Every Day
26 Feb 18

Here’s Why You Should Stretch Every Day

Unfortunately, most of us live a pretty sedentary life. Whether at work or play, we sit for long periods of time throughout the day. As a result, our muscles often become tense and stiff; this can have a negative impact on many other areas of our lives.

Stretching for just a few minutes every day, however, can help you increase blood flow, reduce muscle and back pain, and help you feel, move, and sleep better.

It’s important to stretch, at the very least, before you exercise or engage in any manual labour. This will help your muscles warm up before exertion, possibly preventing injury. Static stretches or active stretching that engages the full range of motion of a joint or muscle chain are best for loosening up a tense and stiff body.

It’s also beneficial to stretch first thing in the morning, to prepare your body for the day, or just before you go to sleep, to release tension in order to improve sleep.

Benefits of Stretching Every Day

Stretching releases tension and muscle knots; lengthening the muscle improves blood flow to the area, making it easier to move the muscle and the joint (of your knee, for example) through its full range of motion.

Doing so, unsurprisingly, can relieve muscle cramps and pain such as back pain. Bringing more blood flow and movement to the area will bring relief to these tense areas without having to take any artificial medication.

If you live or work in a high-stress environment (and let’s face it, we all have at least some degree of stress in our lives!), stretching can help reduce stress-induced muscle tension. You’ll also notice that a mid-afternoon stretch will help wake you up and keep you focused so you can finish out the rest of the workday strong.

Stretching every day, then, is something that everyone–no matter the career, work, or environment—should incorporate into their daily schedule. Stretching has benefits well beyond athletics; it can help you carry out your daily tasks at work or home with greater ease, energy, and less pain.


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