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Basic Warm-up Exercises to Prevent Injury in Any Sport

Basic Warm-up Exercises to Prevent Injury in Any Sport
12 Feb 18

Basic Warm-up Exercises to Prevent Injury in Any Sport

Injuries happen when you play sports. For most people, it’s an accepted fact. However, you can lessen the number of injuries you experience and the severity if you warm up properly before play. Even though you may have specific exercises to do for certain sports, some warm-up exercises are beneficial regardless of what you play.

Be Active

Many athletes think that stretching will warm up their muscles adequately. However, this is not necessarily the best option to start with. To get your muscles warm, you need to be active. In fact, you can do a slightly toned-down version of whatever sport you’re playing for your warm-up.

Other options for a warm-up include jogging in place or a light run. Don’t go full-speed, but move. Jumping rope will also do the trick. You can ride an exercise bike for a low-impact warm-up.


Only after you get moving and your muscles are warmed up should you stretch. Once your muscles are warm, you need to stretch them to increase your flexibility. If your muscles are more flexible, they will be less prone to injury.

Everyone should use static stretching, which involves pushing your range of motion to the limit. You may attempt to do the splits or stretch out your hamstrings. You should feel a gentle pull but no pain with these exercises.

Dynamic stretching is riskier and should only be done under the supervision of a coach or other professional. It involves light bouncing to move your muscles past their normal point of resistance. If not done correctly, it can result in injury.

Once you have completed the basic warm-up activity and static stretching, you can focus on moves designed to help you get ready for your sport. This warm-up focuses on the same muscles and movements you’ll use when you play.

It’s important to be careful even in your warm-up. If you aren’t used to playing and exercising regularly, you may want to consult with a personal trainer or coach to help you design the right workout for whatever sport you plan to play.

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