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Can You Handle Deep Tissue Massage?

Can You Handle Deep Tissue Massage?
5 Feb 18

Can You Handle Deep Tissue Massage?

If you’ve heard about different types of massage, you may be familiar with deep tissue massage. Some people even assume it’s going to cause pain because it works the muscles harder. This massage method is different from Swedish massage and other types of massage. You may wonder if you can handle it or if you should choose a different option.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

When you receive a deep tissue massage, the therapist will work the deeper layers of your muscles as well as the soft tissues in your body. They will use warm oils along with pressure to cause the top layer to relax. This allows them to get to the deeper layers.

It can take more than one session for the therapist to reach those deeper layers of soft tissue and muscle. They may take different approaches so the person doesn’t resist or tense up.

Deep tissue massage is beneficial for chronic pain. It can be helpful for sore shoulders, upper or lower back pain, a stiff neck or to loosen muscles that are tight.

No Pain, No Gain

Many people expect to feel pain with deep tissue massage, but they shouldn’t. This type of massage does require more pressure, but the discomfort should feel good rather than painful. An experienced therapist will know they must work with your level of tolerance to get the muscles to relax. If you feel pain, your muscles will respond by tensing up, which is the opposite effect of what you want.

A therapist will recognize the restrictions and be able to work within your comfort level. It can take longer to achieve results with deep tissue massage for some people, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. The one exception is if the therapist is working with scar tissue. To break up that tissue, you may feel some pain.

Not everyone will enjoy a deep tissue massage, and beginners may want to start out with another style. However, a deep tissue massage only works when the person is relaxed, so you should expect to feel good rather than being in pain.

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