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Can Massage Therapy Help Chronic Pain?

Can Massage Therapy Help Chronic Pain?
1 Jan 18

Can Massage Therapy Help Chronic Pain?

While in many cases this is true, it’s important to find ways to reduce the pain at least temporarily. Studies involving massage therapy have shown that it is more effective than other treatment options for certain conditions. For instance, when used with low back pain, it can be more beneficial than relaxation or acupuncture. Furthermore, studies have shown that pressure point massage does more good in this instance than Swedish massage.

Types of Chronic Pain to Be Treated

Massage therapy may be used to treat various types of chronic pain. Not only low back pain, but neck pain, headaches, and conditions such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

Once the therapist understands your condition, they will sit down with you to create a plan, which includes the type of massage to use, the frequency and any other steps you can take to manage your pain. In fact, your doctor may even recommend that you use massage therapy as part of a total treatment plan to help you manage your pain.

Chronic pain can be intolerable and tiring. It weighs on the mind and emotions of a person even while impacting their physical health. Consider how massage therapy can help if you suffer from some type of chronic condition which results in pain.

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