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Massage Therapy for Better Sleep

Massage Therapy for Better Sleep
13 Nov 17

Massage Therapy for Better Sleep

Did you know that a massage can help improve sleep? Since massage therapy helps one’s general health, patients tend to experience relaxing and positive moods. Massage therapy is a medication free technique to advance general wellbeing and can help you sleep soundly and be more alert when you are awake.

People require quality rest for their physical and emotional wellness. Not only does a lack of rest hinder general mental strength and focus, but experts have also found that long periods of poor sleep can be related to illness, including coronary heart disease and diabetes. Lack of sleep can decrease concentration and make you less responsive to things like driving or your surroundings.

Melatonin is a hormone which directs the brain to “calm down” and get ready to rest. Researchers have found that massage therapy increases the ability to produce melatonin, so when you lie down after a massage, you drift off into a comfortable and healthy sleep.

How often you should get a massage depends on your specific needs and related issues, but people often see the greatest benefit getting a massage every one to three weeks; getting massages more frequently will yield additional health benefits.

A great benefit to massage therapy is improved sleep. Those who have injuries or a chronic illness can experience disrupted sleep cycles and pain in the middle of the night. Getting a regular massage can prevent these issues and help you sleep more comfortably for better healing and overall comfort.

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