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Foam Rolling & Injury Prevention

Foam Rolling & Injury Prevention
23 Oct 17

Foam Rolling & Injury Prevention

When your body is feeling sore and tight, you are at more of a risk of becoming injured. Whether or not you are an athlete, using a foam roller is an excellent way to prevent injury in your body. Often repeated muscle soreness will point to an area that may be at risk for injury. Through repeated overuse, the muscles may be tight or may have accumulated scar tissue buildup. The foam roller will help to release that scar tissue through self-myofascial release.

Using a foam roller is also a great way to prevent injuries, which often occur when muscles are tight and contracted quickly upon explosive movement. This could be an athletic movement or something you do in your daily life. They will help you build body awareness so that no matter your forte, your body will feel good and capable.

Many people experience knee and hip pain, especially as they age or even if they are involved in particular sports. Massaging your IT Band with a foam roller can be very useful for reducing this pain. The IT Band, short for iliotibial band, is a tight band that runs along the outside of your thigh, from your hip to your knee. It is meant to be a tight band, but if it is too tight, it will pull on the joints in one direction too much, causing weakness, imbalance, and discomfort in the hips or knees.

Foam rolling is also a great way to help the body heal through an injury and prevent it from reoccurring in the long run. Many times during an injury, a chain reaction of effects goes throughout the entire body like a domino effect due to compensation patterns. Not only will it be helpful to foam roll the affected area, but also the surrounded muscles and tissues so that they can continue to function properly.

Two important factors for injury prevention include increased range of motion and decreased muscle soreness. Foam rolling can help with both of these and can be used as a supplement to regular stretching and exercise for a healthy life.

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