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Why Someone Would be Sore After a Massage

Why Someone Would be Sore After a Massage
18 Sep 17

Why Someone Would be Sore After a Massage

It is normal to be sore after a massage, even if that seems like it had the opposite effect of what you wanted. For your muscles, getting a massage can be like hard exercise. The muscles were stretched, manipulated, lengthened, and pushed to their limits during your massage just as if you were exercising. When working out what massage therapists refer to as “knots,” the muscles are more tense and rigid in those areas and therefore when they are being “worked out” they can create micro-tears in the muscle just like if you were lifting weights. When you work out, those tears heal to become stronger which is how you build strength; this is the same when you get a massage.

Another reason that you could be sore is due to dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after you get a massage because it can help the muscles move easier and not resist the massage as much.

The more often you get massages, the less often you will be sore. Just like exercise, your muscles will get used to the pressure over time. The soreness may seem counteractive and may seem like you aren’t getting what you need from your massage therapist, but it is just a step in the right direction of keeping your body healthy and pain free in the long term.

Some tips on how to prevent soreness after a massage:

  • Drink plenty of water before and after your appointment
  • Take a warm shower or bath
  • Do gentle stretches before bed after the day of the massage and also the morning after to keep your muscles active

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