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Massage Therapy Decreases Runners’ Recovery Time

Massage Therapy Decreases Runners’ Recovery Time
26 Jun 17

Massage Therapy Decreases Runners’ Recovery Time

There’s a reason that marathon events always keep a massage therapist on standby at the end of a race. Maybe they know something you don’t? Runners report that massage therapy helps relieve muscle strain and enhance range of movement while also making them feel rewarded for their efforts.

Experts say massages ease muscle soreness, flush lactic acid from the body, and reduce joint strain—claims bolstered by hundreds of years of proof from China, Sweden, and the rest of the world. It can also improve circulation and prevent injuries.

Why does this work? Massage applies a moving weight to muscles and different tissues, for example, ligaments and tendons. By increasing flexibility in the muscles, it can improve blood flow and breathing rate, while also helping with the runner’s movement.

After a race or exhausting workout, massages are very helpful. By keeping the muscles fresh and moving without cramping up, massage therapy can help the runner recover from long runs faster and easier. There will be less soreness after a race; just be sure to keep hydrated and stretch before and after the race.

Massage therapy can help athletes be better at their sports. Most sports involve a lot of running and muscle movements, so this can contribute to improved performance and endurance and can even help you keep your running pace steady, leading to new personal bests.

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