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How to get the most from your massage treatments

How to get the most from your massage treatments
3 Apr 17

How to get the most from your massage treatments

Getting the most from your massage treatments starts with your first phone call for treatment. Start by choosing a therapist who is educated in the practice of massage therapy. Do a bit of homework and look for credentials which show that the practitioner has in fact successfully completed a certain number of hours of study and been accredited by their provincial organisation. Most provincial organisations will supply a list of accredited massage therapists by geographical region.

A well-qualified massage therapist knows that the first step with a new client is to communicate with them: what are the concerns and goals for the massage therapy? Are there any medical conditions to be aware of? Is the problem a result of some sort of injury or perhaps a motor vehicle accident? Once the therapist hears from the client, a plan can quickly be put in place to attend to the concerns…this will include careful management of the time available for the therapy itself and the number of treatment sessions anticipated. Ongoing communication will ensure that the treatment is fine-tuned to address any changes or concerns.

Be sure to communicate with your therapist during the massage as well. If the pressure on a certain area feels too intense, let them know immediately and they will adjust their technique and intensity. You aren’t going to hurt the therapist’s feelings by saying the pressure doesn’t feel right! Most therapists will check in with you from time to time during the massage, but if they detect you are in a deeply relaxed state they may not wish to disturb you. Whatever you do, don’t leave an appointment thinking ‘well, that did not work for me’. Communicate any concerns right at the moment. Also, at your next appointment, let your therapist know how you were feeling in the hours after the appointment.

And remember…while it may be fun to receive a ten-minute ‘chair massage’ at your local shopping mall, this is not the same thing as actually having a skilled therapist apply their knowledge to help you improve your health and wellbeing. Massage therapy, performed by registered massage therapists, is a well-respected field of complementary medicine and a highly effective treatment for many conditions. Make sure you seek treatment from a caring and knowledgeable practitioner.

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