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Popular Massages – Which One Should You Pick?

Popular Massages – Which One Should You Pick?
6 Feb 17

Popular Massages – Which One Should You Pick?

There is no better treatment than a relaxing and detoxifying massage after a long and tiring week. However, for those without any knowledge of the right massage, it can be very confusing to find the one which will benefit their body the most. Here are some of the most popular massages with a description of their advantages and techniques so that you can have a guide to the well-known and not-so-well-known massage options available.

Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage was practiced for around 2500 years in Thailand before it became popular throughout the world. Combining gentle and rhythmic compressions called “Sen”, along with yoga-like stretches, the Thai massage helps increase flexibility, improve posture, and releases nervous and emotional tension, thereby improving the respiratory and digestive systems as well.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Considered one of the most relaxing massage options available at a massage therapy clinic, Hot Stone massage makes for a great choice for those suffering with insomnia. Using warm basalt or other stones with warm oil, this massage uses the mild heat from the stones to alleviate the tension and stiffness of the muscles and resulting in deeper muscle relaxation and increased circulation.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy identifies and deactivates any fibrous nodules which strain the muscles or connective tissues. During the session, the therapist uses a combination of techniques, including stretching and manipulating the area while applying static pressure on the trigger joints to soften the painful muscle tissue. The result is almost immediate relief from muscle pain in that area.

Pregnancy Massage

Also known as a Prenatal Massage, this type of massage is administered to ease the discomfort which accompanies pregnancy. Regular massage therapy during pregnancy helps ease the anxiety associated with labour and childbirth and helps the expectant mother by reducing stress levels, improving her sleeping pattern and relaxing the muscles in the body. Each of these benefits can lead to fewer complications during childbirth.

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