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Too cold out? Indoor exercises for the winter months!

Too cold out? Indoor exercises for the winter months!
23 Jan 17

Too cold out? Indoor exercises for the winter months!

As the winter months drag on, it can be tough to set out on a run or even get to the gym. Before you get all bundled up on the couch to ride out the cold weather, here are a few ideas for turning your living space into a home gym and a way to make it to spring in shape!


You don’t need any fancy equipment to work out your lower body with lunges. Simply start in a standing position, and step forward a natural distance with one leg. Keeping the forward foot and your back toes planted, bend your back knee down towards the ground while allowing the front leg to bend forward. Gently touch the floor with your knee and rise back up to a standing position. Alternate legs for a total of 20 lunges and work your way up, or try reverse lunges!


It can be difficult to get any sort of cardio workout indoors. If you have a stationary bike, that’s perfect! If you have a bike lying around, you can purchase a stand for your back wheel to convert it into an affordable stationary bike. There are other options for indoor cardio as well. If you have a garage or enough open space, you could hazard some indoor jump rope. If you have a set of stairs, you can run to the top, then turn and walk down. To truly get a cardio workout, you can couple any combination of these exercises together—even throwing in things like lunges, jumping jacks, and squats can get your heart rate up if done sequentially one after the other!

Get creative!

Winter can be the perfect time to get creative and try something new. There are plenty of instructor-led workouts on YouTube to get you through winter—especially things like yoga, Pilates, and Zumba! In fact, Zumba and other forms of dancing are a great way to get some cardio into your day. If your traditional outdoor activities come to a halt in winter, maybe it’s time to give something else a try like indoor rock climbing, ice-skating, swimming, or an intramural league for basketball or indoor soccer. Be creative, try something new, and keep moving!

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