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What’s up with Paleo?

What’s up with Paleo?
26 Dec 16

What’s up with Paleo?

If you’ve engaged in any kind of research or conversation about health and diet, a term may have cropped up a few times. “I do paleo,” you’ve heard people say, which has you raising an eyebrow. What do they mean? Well, essentially, this is short way of saying people are eating foods similar to that of our human ancestors, specifically in the Paleolithic era. It’s had a boom of popularity since its introduction as a concept because it boasts that you are able to eat as much as you please without worrying about weight gain.

The oldest diet

Mainly the idea is to get back to our roots. For thousands of years, humans have been eating whole, unprocessed foods with a balanced focus on proteins, carbs, and good fats gathered from sources of meats, vegetables, and so on. For the longest time we’ve been a pretty mobile species, one of hunter gatherers, and it’s only in recent centuries humans have maintained a sedentary, agricultural driven lifestyle. It’s a pretty sudden jerk to human evolution since one method of diet has been adapted to for a long while. Nowadays, we definitely eat more food byproducts, salty snacks, and highly processed sugar than not.

There is, of course, much debate about what actually should be eaten as part of the paleo diet program. A key thing to remember is the foods eaten in the Paleolithic era were consumed by a highly active, nearly constantly mobile population of humans. Matching this momentum with how we are now in modern day life simply isn’t possible.

The bottom line of paleo foods still hold to some basic concepts. Foods ingested should be as close to the genuine product as possible (a rather alarming notion all things considered). Seafood, poultry, pork, vegetables, fruits and some acceptable kinds of grains are allowed, avoiding all the weird chemical offspring you find in frozen sections or the like. It’s not for everyone, but it certainly has a charm to it, and continues to grow in popularity today.

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