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Treat Your Child’s Headache with a Massage

Treat Your Child’s Headache with a Massage
12 Dec 16

Treat Your Child’s Headache with a Massage

According to research reported in Adolescent Health Care: A Practical Guide, Volume 414, at least 75% of children experience at least one headache episode by the age of 15. Young children are exposed to different situations which might seem trivial to adults but which can stress kids out. The situation could be anything from quarrels at home to complex homework assignments.

The occurrence of headaches and migraines is getting increasingly common in children, and while there are several medicinal options available, they aren’t always reliable. Home remedies such as lying in a dark, quiet room or placing a cool cloth over the child’s forehead do work at times, but not all children respond to them. This is why many parents are now turning to massage therapy to help relieve their child’s headache.

How Children Respond to a Massage

Most cases of headache among children have been reported to occur at night. This may lead to sleeping disorders due to the pain and discomfort. The lack of sleep in turn fuels the recurrence of the headache, trapping the child in a never-ending cycle of headaches.

Massage therapy employs the human touch that conveys a sense of security and trust to the child. Since touch is the first sense to develop in humans, children thrive with the right amount of physical contact and respond positively. A proper massage carried out by a professional therapist can help alleviate the pain by loosening the tissues of the shoulders, neck, back and scalp, along with various other facial points. In fact, according to research, a simple 20-minute massage session twice a week can lead to significant improvements in the child’s mood, leaving them feeling happier and pain-free.

While massage therapy is now being used worldwide for the treatment of headaches in children, when it comes to children under 5, recognizing a headache can be very hard. It is always a good idea to consult with your family doctor if your child’s headache persists.

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